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Product Details

  • National Stock Number: 8115-00-192-1604
  • Container I.D.: 8x8x12”
  • Container O.D.: 8.3x8.3x12.5
  • Recommended Bare Unit/part size: See Table
  • Item Weight Range: See Table
  • Shipping Cube: .498
  • Manufactured: Made in the USA
  • Reference: Mil-STD 2073-1E Appendix C, Table J-VII, CODE NR
  • Government Cross Reference: Fast Pack, XA2
  • MIL SPEC: PPP-B-1672

This Vertical Star Pack is a regular slotted container (RSC) constructed of V3c, 400# SW corrugated lined with MIL-PRF-26514, Grade C Foam. The cushion system consists of three Cushioning components: 2" Flat Top and Bottom pads and a center body with a 6 point star cavity. 

  • 6 Point Star Foam Body
  • Corrugated Meets ASTM D4727, Class WR, Grade V3c
  • Box construction per ASTM D5118
  • Foam per Mil-PRF-26514, Grade C - Poly, Rigid, Flexible

Container ID (inches) (National Stock Number)Recommended max. bare item dimensions (in.)Item weight range (lbs.)*Maximum Shock (Gs) transmitted to itemPackaged outside dimensions (inches)Packaged Cube (cu. ft.)
8x8x12" 4 Dia x 8 3.0-7.5 25-29    0.498
(8115-00-192-1604) 4x4x8 7.6-8.5 30-40    
  5 Dia x 8 3.0-5.0 25-29    
    5.1-7.0 30-40    
    3.5-5.5 30-40    
*Shock values in this table were determined by instrumented free fall drop testing in accordance with Method 5007 of FED-STD-101.

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