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ISPM15, RoHS, CARB Laws, Reach

Updated December 21, 2008

Goodwin Robbins certifies to all current requirements below:
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Phytosanitary Requirements for Wood Packaging Material Requirements 
to European Union

Packaging Materials: Effective March 1, 2005 the European Union requires all newly assembled, repaired or recycled unprocessed raw wood packaging materials (hardwood and softwood) entering the EU to be either heat treated or fumigated and officially marked under ISPM15.

Dunnage: Hardwood and softwood dunnage is required to be either heat treated or fumigated and officially marked under ISPM15 OR if not treated and marked be bark free and free from signs of live pests. After December 31, 2007 all dunnage will be required to be treated and officially marked under ISPM15.

Wood packaging materials including dunnage less than 6 mm and processed wood produced from glue, heat, and pressure or a combination thereof (ie Oriented Strand Board, plywood, etc) are exempt from treatment and marking.

For questions pertaining to treatment and marking of WPM under the Heat Treatment program contact the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) at 301-972-1700 or one of the accredited agencies listed at the ALSC website. Questions pertaining to where HT lumber may be purchased, how to become certified, costs pertaining to enrollment, required marks etc. may be directed to the ALSC or any of the inspection agencies.

Questions pertaining to treatment and official marking of wood packaging materials under the fumigation program may be directed to the National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) at (703) 519-6104.

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